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Predicting solubility using solid state data descriptors

A newly published open access publication ( J Cheminform (2018) 10: 44 ) from ADDoPT researchers at the University of Leeds looks into the use of solid state descriptors to build upon published statistical models of the temperature dependence of aqueous solubility of organic,

30 Aug 2018

Using topological analysis to predict tabletability

A newly published paper from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre reports ADDoPT-supported work to develop simple, programmatically generated, topology-based descriptors of crystal structures for application to mechanical properties prediction methods. Appearing in the 

23 Apr 2018

STFC report highlights ADDoPT

SCD annual report picks out ADDoPT to exemplify the development and delivery of  cutting edge solutions for academia and industry to advance data intensive science and innovation. Science Highlights 2017 , the newly published annual report of the Science and Technology

12 Dec 2017

Perceptive Engineering publishes APC training information

ADDoPT partners Perceptive Engineering have recently published a range of brochures detailing training course in advanced process control topics. PERCEPTIVE APC -  why, how, when and where Advanced Process Control techniques can be used to improve the efficiency,

22 Nov 2017

New project bridging the gap between organic crystal modelling and observation

New project developing quantum mechanics code to bridge the gap between organic crystal modelling and observation A new collaboration catalyzed by the Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics (ADDoPT) project aims to deliver a step change in accuracy for first-principle

16 Oct 2017

Engineering Crystallography: What, How and Why?

T wo leading lights within the ADDoPT consortium feature prominently as editors of a new book from Springer Press entitled " Engineering Crystallography: From Molecule to Crystal to Functional Form ."  The book is co-edited by  Professor Kevin Roberts , from the School of Chemical

2 Oct 2017

ADDoPT provide strong presence at BACG Annual Conference

One hundred and twenty researchers from the UK, Europe and beyond involved in theoretical and experimental aspects of crystallisation convened at the British Association of Crystal Growth (BACG) annual conference, held at the University of Manchester from the 27th-30th of June 2017. Seven members

27 Jul 2017

Taking ADDoPT across the pond

Capitalising on a focus on “Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes” and a dedicated session pharmaceutical development respectively, the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) recently took the opportunity to represent the ADDoPT Project at two major American

25 Jul 2017

New modelling platform benefits from ADDoPT input

PSE's gPROMS FormulatedProducts ® promises integrated mechanistic modelling from formulation to product performance ADDoPT lead partner  Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), has just launched its new gPROMS FormulatedProducts modelling platform for the integrated digital design of

20 Jun 2017

Prize for ADDoPT Researcher

Congratulations to ADDoPT Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Dr. Chunlei Pei, who won a Young Researcher Prize at the UK Particle Technology Forum held at University of Birmingham on 29th March 2017. Dr. Pei, a postdoctoral research associate in Macromolecular Materials Laboratory

29 Mar 2017

Successful first Science Meeting for ADDoPT

Researchers from across the ADDoPT consortium assembled for a productive and well-received two-day Research Event at Weetwood Hall, Leeds on 9th and 10th March 2017. The event, the first in a planned semi-annual series through the rest of the project, took as its focus activity within Work Package

13 Mar 2017

Pharmaceutical process control training on the mark

Eleven delegate drawn from six of the organisations in the ADDoPT consortium recently enjoyed an intensive, informative, and interactive two-days of training in process control in the context of the pharmaceuticals industry.  The introductory course in  Process Control for the

31 Aug 2016

APS Digital Design Symposium engages Pharma R&D Community

Over 80 researchers and industrialists involved in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing gathered for the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Symposium on the Digital Design of Drug Products on Friday 1st July 2016. Hosted by ADDoPT partners from the  University of Leeds and chaired

8 Jul 2016

Launch of ADDoPT project welcomed by Key Stakeholders

The full launch of the ADDoPT project has been welcomed by a range of stakeholders in the £20.4m government-industry-academia collaboration, which is working across the pharmaceutical value chain to define a system for the top-down, knowledge-driven Digital Design and Control of drug products

28 Jan 2016

ADDoPT project kicked off with partner meeting

The ADDoPT consortium partners have met for a project kick-off meeting at the West London headquarters of project coordinator Process Systems Enterprise Limited. The meeting represented an early opportunity for the partners to define responsibilities and establish links

15 Jan 2016