The ADDoPT Guide to Pharmaceutical Digital Design and Manufacture

Through a dedicated technical facilitation process the ADDoPT consortium members identified a need for, and developed, an information flow for digital design and manufacture of pharmaceuticals as a valuable enabler for the pharmaceutical industry in adopting new technology, and in building innovation and leadership capacity. 

The interactive flow sheet below allows you to explore the information flow during pharmaceutical product development and manufacture by mapping the generic series of steps, decisions and transfers of key information used in the industry to bring new products through to manufacture and ultimately to the patient. Upstream and downstream impacts of design decisions are captured throughout the information flow, helping software developers and users build a shared understanding of:

  • Which tasks, operations and decisions the modelling applies to;
  • What is the level of model fidelity and what are its assumptions and limitations, and whether these are appropriate to the application scope;
  • What data is required to run a model and what are the outputs (key to managing interfaces between different modelling components);
  • Where it needs to be applied, who will be applying it, and what skills are required.

Simply clink on any red-bordered box below to get started (see the introductory section on the left hand side of the Overview screen for full instructions).