Project Structure

Over its lifetime, ADDoPT can be broadly divided into three phases:

  • Start-up (years 1-2): Assembly of available tools and rapidly providing these in an industrially compatible format together with associated training.
  • Integration and Further Development (years 2-3): Development of a multi-scale modelling framework and toolkit. This integrates tools developed in Phase 1 within a holistic structure linking to big data resources encompassing both modelling and experimental data.
  • Consolidation and Sustainability (years 3-4): Integration of the latest developments in the evolving big data and predictive modelling platform and robust interconnections between the tools developed. Continuous improvement of the user interface so the tools can be used in manufacturing on a day-to-day basis and links to High Performance Computing resources can be efficiently implemented.

The programme of work is organised in eight work packages.

Work Package 1 - Systems framework for manufacture

WP1, led by PSE, is about identifying key activities in pharmaceutical product manufacturing and process development, and for each determining the currently available computational tools and experimental methods for performing the task, their range read more

Work Package 2 - Industrial case studies

WP2 is built around a series of case studies, set respectively within the development and manufacturing supply chain of one of the four pharmaceutical manufacturing partners. The case studies reflect different products and processes at different read more

Work Package 3 - Curation and integration of clinical and commercial manufacturing data

The objective of WP3 is to provide a data analytics platform for data harvesting, sharing, and mining that assists formulation scientists in the design of the oral solid dosage form. The analytics platform is being used to provide insights to the read more

Work Package 4 - Constructive Models for Manufacturing Processes and Product Performance

Effective modelling and simulation of processes, products and product performance underpin the whole Digital Design and Control approach. WP4 consists of extensive research effort geared towards building the mechanistic model-based read more

Work Package 5 - Integrated Chemical Supply Chain

WP5 involves solid form particle design aimed at optimising primary and secondary manufacturing with respect to product performance. Our objectives are to develop and apply predictive tools that exploit our understanding of crystalline structures to read more

Work Package 6 - Process Control and Optimisation

WP6 concerns the development of the advanced control and monitoring strategies which are critical to bringing the digital design approach into practice in manufacturing. Partners, predominantly the work package lead Perceptive Engineering, and PSE, read more

Work Packages 7 - Dissemination, Exploitation & Training, and 8 - Project Management

The technical work packages in ADDoPT are underpinned by two further no-less important aspects of the project. WP7, led by Britest, deals with the development and execution of strategies for knowledge management, dissemination and implementation read more