Speakers announced for ADDoPT Digital Design Showcase

The full speaker programme for ADDoPT's major public dissemination event, taking place on the 28th March 2019 at the Clayton Hotel,Chiswick, West London is now available.

09:30 Registration and Refreshments

10:10 Welcome -  Sean Bermingham, PSE

10:10 ADDoPT: A view from several perspectives - Andy Jones,  Innovate UK (UKRI)

10:30 ADDoPT overview: Motivation, Scope & Systems-based Approach -  Sean Bermingham, PSE

10:50 Overview of industrial case studies -  Richard Storey, AZ; Martyn Ticehurst, Pfizer

Digital Design - Molecular-Material level

11:00 From a large dataset of crystal structures to understanding of the chemical space of pharmaceuticals - Andy Maloney, CCDC; Rebecca Mackenzie, STFC Hartree CentreKevin Roberts, University of Leeds; Helen Blade, AstraZeneca; Bob Docherty, Pfizer

11:20 Lattice energy predictions -  Rebecca Mackenzie, STFC Hartree CentreColin Edge, GSK; Klimentina Pencheva, Pfizer

Digital Design - Particle-Product level

11:40 A DEM approach to prediction of flowability -  James Elliott, University of Cambridge

12:00 Flowability of APIs in context of continuous drug product manufacture -  Mike Tobyn, BMS; Richard Storey, AZ; Kendal Pitt, GSK; Martin Ticehurst, Pfizer; Stephen CheckleySTFC Hartree Centre 

12:20 Lunch, Posters & Demonstration Stations

Digital Design - Product-Process level

13:20 First principles modelling for particle and process design -  Kevin Roberts, University of Leeds

13:40 Mechanistic Model-based Digital Design framework for individual and integrated manufacturing steps -  David Slade, PSE; Alastair Florence, CMAC University of Strathclyde

14:00 Solid Drug Product and Process Design using Multi-Scale Interconnected Flowsheet Modelling and Global System Analysis -  Marta Moreno-Benito, Pfizer

14:20 Visualising Digital Design Workflows -  Rob Peeling & Charlie Gordon, Britest

14:40 Tea Break, Posters & Demonstration Stations

From Digital Design to Digital Operation

15:25 Taking mechanistic models from R&D and Engineering into Operations - Andy Mitchell, PEL; Niall Mitchell, PSE

15:45 Title to be confirmed -  Flavien Susanne, GSK

16:05 Application of hybrid models for Advanced Process Control of a Twin Screw Wet Granulation Process -  Gavin Reynolds, AZ

16:25 Panel discussion "Future of Digitalisation in the Formulated Product Industries" -  Moderator: Bob Docherty, Pfizer

Panellists: Anita Rea - Syngenta, Ben Weinstein - P&G, Diego Larrain, Nestlé, Jim Litster - University of Sheffield, Lynne McGregor - Innovate UK (UKRI)

16:45 Reception - please stay for further discussions on "What next?"

17:30 Close