Britest Limited is a highly successful not-for-profit company recognised internationally as a leading exponent of whole process design for the process industries. Our suite of proprietary tools help organisations define, structure and translate process knowledge and information into process understanding. Our facilitation expertise and training programmes enable members to embed this approach into their day-to-day activities to derive tangible business value. We are a membership-based organisation and our unique collaborative ethos enables members to share knowledge and risk in defining innovative solutions to key process / manufacturing challenges.

In ADDoPT, Britest is applying qualitative models and process analysis methodologies to realise process insight in Work Packages 1, 2, and 4, and leading Work Package 7 on Knowledge Management, Dissemination, Exploitation & Training. We believe ADDoPT will have lessons for any manufacturer who wants to drive their product development and process control by understanding what is going on at molecular, material, process and product scales.

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