CMAC, is the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing and Doctoral Training Centre in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation. Located within the University of Strathclyde, CMAC deals with the following research challenges;

  • Precise control in manufacturing of solid particles using continuous manufacturing technologies.
  • Control and exploitation of nucleation and growth of particles via crystallisation under continuous flow.
  • Continuous crystallisation platforms; process analysis tools and strategies to manufacture ‘perfect particles’ for different applications.
  • Deliver the tools to achieve exquisite control over crystal structure, particle shape and particle size distribution to meet the needs of advanced manufacturing of innovative chemical products.
  • Continuous manufacture of medicines and nanomaterials with kinetic, co-crystallisation and impurity control.
  • Understand key particle properties for enhanced formulated product performance.
  • Manufacturing operations and supply chain management challenges in continuous manufacturing of chemical particles to include: manufacturing operations and supply chain configuration; management control systems and learning from experiences of other industries.
  • Optimise manufacturing industries operations and supply chain to enable the effective adoption of continuous manufacturing.

An industry led membership organisation, CMAC has been created to steer the development of user-led activities in these areas, to inform basic research and develop higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL) activity. The demand-led manufacturing research scope of the Centre was co-created with our industry partners who span three of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, GSK, Astrazeneca and Novartis, and a large number of technology companies, SMEs and end users from other high value chemical sectors. The Centre's partners make significant contributions both cash and in-kind to support the Centre and the Doctoral Training Centre.

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