Synthonic Engineering Training - Online Webinar

This webinar, starting at 10am on Monday 3rd October 2016 will introduce you to the Visual HABIT and Systematic Search (SystSearch) software tools developed at the University of Leeds which build on CCDC’s Mercury software. It will provide an introduction to the theory behind Synthonic Engineering. Participants will be presented with a mixture of theory and practical demonstrations of the use of the Visual Habit add on tool for CCDC’s Mercury Software. Some familiarity with Mercury would be helpful, but is not essential.

In brief, the session will cover –

  1. VisualHabit & SystSearch introduction to the use of potentials in molecular crystals.
  2. Running VisualHabit using a case study.
  3. SystSearch theory, construction of surface slabs.
  4. Running SystSearch using a case study.
  5. Discussion and feedback.

This webinar would be ideal preparation for a two-day hands-on practical training course in Synthonic Engineering planned to be held at Leeds during November 2016.

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