CGOM12 / BACG 2016 - Crystal Growth Joint Conference 

The aim of this joint conference is to provide a forum for broad scientific and technological exchange amongst researchers and academics from around the world. The conference will focus on the fundamentals of crystal growth, different types of crystals and their crystallisation environment, crystallisation engineering and crystallisation characterisation techniques.

.CGOM12 .will run from the evening of Sunday 26th through to Thursday 20th June and will contain longer more open-ended presentation with extended time for discussion. BACG will run from the afternoon of Tuesday 28th through to Thursday evening and will contain a more traditional format with shorter presentations.

ADDoPT researchers will be out in force at both events, notably the large team from the School of Chemical and Process Engineering at the host institution, the University of Leeds, led by .Conference Joint Chairs: Kevin Roberts and Tariq Mahmud.

ADDoPT contributions to this event will include posters and presentations from Leeds Post-Doctoral Research Fellows CaiYun Ma and Ian Rosbottom

Please note: that on the Friday after closure of CGOM12/BACG2016, the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences will run a Symposium on the Digital Design of Drug Products, which amongst other things will provide an opportunity to learn more about the ADDoPT project.

26th - 30th June 2016, University of Leeds, UK

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