BACG 2017 - 48th British Association of Crystal Growth Conference 

ADDoPT will once again be well represented at the annual meeting of the British Association of Crystal Growth (BACG) which this year is taking place in Manchester, from 27th to 30th of June.

This event is shaping up to deliver an exciting programme comprising the latest developments in crystal growth, nucleation, crystallisation engineering and characterisation of crystalline materials. Speaking for ADDoPT during a session on Process Modelling and Control on the morning of Thursday 29th will be Diana Camacho Corzo, Research Fellow in Modelling of Crystallisation Processes at the University of Leeds' Institute of Particle Science and Engineering. Diana's presentation entitled Modelling pharmaceutical crystallisation processes using a coupled CFD-Population balance approach will be reporting on the development of a fully coupled CFD and population balance modelling (PBM) tool for batch cooling crystallization processes, which improves upon traditional lumped-parameter mechanistic modelling approaches, and its application to the crystallisation of L-glutamic acid (LGA) in a typical industrial reactor configuration.

The following day, Diana's colleague Ian Rosbottom will be addressing a session on Crystal Growth, Morphology and Agglomeration.

His presentation Crystal morphology and interfacial stability of RS-Ibuprofen in relation to its molecular and synthonic structure will illustrate an examination of the key intermolecular synthonic interactions, crystal morphology and surface interfacial stability of this well-known anti-inflammatory drug in relation to its bulk crystal and surface chemistry, and how this may be used to rationalise its growth behaviour as a function of crystallisation environment.

Please note that several other ADDoPT researchers from WP4 will also be at BACG 2017 contributing to the parallel poster conference.  

27th - 30th June 2016, Renold Building, University of Manchester, UK

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